The Executive Board

United Nations General Assembly


Kinjalk Sharma

Kinjalk is a student of class 11th studying Political Science and Legal Studies along with Economics at La Martiniere College, Lucknow. He has won a plethora of awards in debates (both Hindi and English) at inter and intra-school levels. Being an active MUNer, he has won several awards at some of the finest institutions of the country and has become a well-recognized name in the MUN circuit. He has a keen interest in music both Indian classical music and music from the western civilization. He also has expertise in playing multiple musical instruments.

Kinjalk has been participating in elocutions and quizzes ever since he was in class 5th which reflect his general knowledge and articulate skills. In his free time, he pens down informative and intriguing articles related to socio-economic issues for a blog, OrpheusPol. He also serves as the senior correspondent of a news agency, Vimukt Vichaar. Kinjalk has showcased his leadership skills by serving as the Under Secretary-General for Delegate Affairs at La Martiniere Model United Nations, 2020. He is also the Founder of a non-profit organization, Mortal's Well-being Trust, which helps in providing educational, medical and food aids to the underprivileged section of the society.

Vice Chairperson

Misha Ghosh

Misha Ghosh is a student of The University of Canterbury, New Zealand, studying Literature.

She has served as the chair to various Committees including United Nations General Assembly and International Press.

Her meticulous way of working and in depth knowledge of various crucial subjects, make her not only a perfect person for the job, but also a highly interesting person to talk to.

She loves writing poetry and haiku and has a peculiar, yet witty sense of humor.

United Nations Human Rights Council


Arnav Agarwal

Arnav is a student of class 11, reading Mathematics, Economics, Political Science and History at La Martiniere College, Lucknow. Arnav has won several awards in Model UN conferences throughout the country and currently serves as the Director of the La Martiniere MUN society . He has also represented the College debating team on several occasions and has been felicitated at many national-level events.

Arnav also holds the position of a House Prefect and actively participates in all school events. Having played tennis from a young age, Arnav has won a plethora of awards at district, state and national-level, and has also led the College team to victory on several occasions.

He takes a keen interest in athletics and swimming and is a part of the College basketball and football teams as well. He has also managed to maintain an ideal academic record. Additionally, he has a passion for writing, and occasionally writes articles on different platforms.

Vice President

Aadit Sahni

Aadit Sahni is a student of Class 10th studying Mathematics, Science, Computer, and Social Studies at The Millennium School, Lucknow. Aadit is a versatile worker and has learned to balance academics with co-curricular activities well. His interests include debating, elocution, photography and programming among others.

An avid orator, Aadit has been actively participating in MUNs since a very young age. He has attended several MUNs and won awards in quite a few of them, bringing laurels to his school and peers.

His enthusiasm and passion towards MUNs opened up the opportunity for him to serve as the MUN Club President for Middle School in 2018. He is also the youngest member in his school history to become a part of the core secretariat of his school's MUN.

United Nations Environmental Assembly


Soumya Arora

Soumya Arora is an assiduous student of class 12 studying Humanities with Economics and Psychology. She is currently the President of the La Martiniere Girls’ MUN Society. Being an avid public speaker, she has participated in various MUNs, not only at the local level but also the national level and won accolades for the same.

She is a conscientious worker who excels in both academics as well as co-curricular activities. Debating, elocutions, dramatics, music competitions and other such activities are under her able command.

Having made up her mind on pursuing a future in International Relations and Global Affairs, she is decidedly one of the most interesting people to talk to and her bubbly nature just adds to the charm.

Soumya believes that in today’s world, MUNs are not only a medium to making the world a better place, free of conflicts and problems, but also making it a place with more confident human beings who believe in solving issues entirely with emphasis of humanity and compassion.

Vice President

Raghav Singh

Raghav is a student of class 11, reading Mathematics, Physics, Mass Communication, and Political Science at La Martiniere College, Lucknow. He serves as the Under Secretary General for Technical Operations at the La Martiniere Model United Nations. He has attended several conferences throughout India and has performed exceptionally well. Having keen interest in aviation and aerospace science , Raghav is the captain of the school’s Aero-modelling team. He has been playing lawn tennis from a tender age and has accomplished a national rank in the sport. Raghav is a degree holder in Indian Classical Music. He takes keen interest in Indian and Contemporary History as well as international affairs.

In his leisure time, he can be found listening to music by The Beatles, Elton John and Freddie Mercury. His favourite movies include: Schindler’s List, Forrest Gump. He can also be found reading hard-core mythological and non-fictional books. He wishes to pursue a career in Aviation.

World Health Organisation


Prateek Manjul

Prateek Manjul is a former student of La Martiniere College, Lucknow and has served as the Director of the La Martiniere Model UN Society for the term 2019-20 and Deputy Secretary-General for LMUN 2019.

Prateek has been an active member of the Lucknow MUN Circuit for the past 5 years and has participated as a delegate and as an executive board member in various conferences throughout the country.

A national level debater in Hindi as well as in English and a national level quizzer, Prateek has immense experience at public speaking and extra curricular activities.

Prateek at various times has served on the editorial boards of various online as well as offline print news media organisations and is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Vimukt Vichaar, a news media website.


Satvik Tripathi

“Success is a slave of experience not age"

The person writing this line clearly had the image of Mr. Satvik Tripathi in his mind, for this Co-Chairperson of WHO is unconventionally a successful person you'll come across. From attending Stanford Pre Collegiate Summer institute to working on research projects, he has been internationally recognized for his achievements.

Running an initiative, Techvik, that has impacted more 100,000 people around the world, with students from almost every top tier university in the US working with him, he always tries to push the bar higher.

Apart from this, he has particular interests in World Politics and International Relations. In the Lucknow MUN circuit, he is known for his debating skills and charismatic personality. He looks forward to making TMSMUN’20 an enriching and enjoyable experience for all

International Press


Oshi Yadav

She quotes "when we choose to remain silent, we do injustice to the greatest reward of God, the freedom of words."

Oshi Yadav is a 12th grader from The Millennium School, Lucknow. Her topics of interest involve in depth study of astrology and consistent awareness in mythology. Other than a very spiritual outlook Oshi is also popular for her scientific decision making and command over the situation. Following the footprints of her words, she always looks forward to be a voice to the unheard. Her words always verse for the good and she never fails to astonish others with her work, no matter what. She is the elected Captain of 'Agni' house and a popular workaholic amongst the school student body. Her personality is relished by her Juniors and seniors alike.

Oshi is a constant face at every literary competition hosted across the town. She has a holistic approach for success and has the skills to mesmerize observers with her impeccable articles, compendious speeches and steady leadership. If Oshi were to be defined in a metaphor, she is the energetic smile of the morning musked by a frown of reality.


Gayatri Katoch

Gayatri Katoch is a student of class XI, studying Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Physical Education at The Millennium School, Lucknow.

She serves as the Editor at The Millennium School Model United Nations.

She has a keen interest in dramatics and quizzing and has participated in several competitions for the same.

Gayatri is also interested in world history and has watched several documentaries on the same. She is also an avid reader and can be found reading fictional as well as non fictional books.

Her favorite books include: Memoirs of a Geisha and Voices from Chernobyl