Letter From The Principal

Dear Delegates

The Millennium School works on the foundation of a Learning system that is committed to create lifelong learners by nurturing every child’s unique inherent potential. We represent education in a unique context that has been sketched already. Our approach focuses on channelizing their potential to express and exhibit their skills in the pursuit of excellence. We tag sociability and morality in the same cluster as competence.

The Millennium School Model United Nations is one step further towards our endeavor of creating global citizens, who are innovative and have a strong sense of values. Even though the committees are just a simulation, topics that are up for discussion are not mere statistics, rather realistic concerns. Our environment is as contaminated as our administration, to an extent that is equivalent to typing an indenture bond with fiends like poverty, terrorism and being apathetic towards declaring it void. Instead of being swayed by the reparative sound of our very own echoes, the world needs to answer the cries that go unheard. The participation and vigilance of optimistic, young minds will for the initial premise of our initial edifice.

It is my distinct pleasure to invite you to the seventh edition of TMSMUN, which will not only serve as a learning edge, but also would be a humbling experience.



Dr. Manjula Goswami


The Millennium School, Lucknow.